Ubuntu Officially Adopts Zimbra

August 7th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Yahoo’s open source email platform Zimbra has been making waves at Stanford and Ubuntu recently.  At the LinuxWorld conference this week in San Francisco, Zimbra and Ubuntu have cemented their partnership.

Ubuntu users have been using the Zimbra email platform for over a year now and at this week’s conference, they’ve announced their partnership.   "Since we first announced general availability of Zimbra for Ubuntu last year, we have seen incredible adoption within the Ubuntu community," Andy Pflaum, senior director of business management for Yahoo’s Zimbra division, said in a statement. "We are eager to offer our world-class collaboration experience, Yahoo Zimbra Desktop, to the vibrant community of Ubuntu users worldwide."

Zimbra used to be an online e-mail client and was purchased by Yahoo for $350 million. Recently, less than a month ago, Zimbra went into the offline e-mail client are where they’ve proven Yahoomail offline to be better than the experimental offline access of Gmail via Google Gears.  They’ve also gained the confidence of Stanford University which seemed like a slap in Google’s face, considering that Google’s founders are from Stanford.  Zimbra also offers document and spreadsheet functions, as well as mashup features with services like Flickr, Amazon.com, and Yahoo Maps.

Actually, Zimbra was made into open source which works well for the philanthropic company behind  Ubuntu, Canonical.

Zimbra now replaces the default e-mail client, Evolution on Ubuntu and will come preinstalled on the operating system.