Web Olympic Parade

August 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

The day has come and gone.  08-08-08, Beijing Olympics opening date.  The coming out party of China to the world.  The most lavish and expensive Olympics ever.

Of course, the web has its own way of celebrating days like these.  It’s something Christmas or Thanksgiving where the web acknowledges a worldwide event by putting it smack in the middle of homepages spreading news and stirring up interest all around.   How else?  feature the event on you logo of course.  Google has been noted to be doing this kind of celebration for lots of things and it’s always a fun refreshing sight.

This Olympics is no exception, search engines and other portal web sites like social networks all celebrate the games.  So in true web fashion, here’s what’s been going around.

google olympic logo

Google seems to be more excited about the games than anybody else and have made so far 2 logos.  We’re not yet sure if they’ll make more.

google olympic cycling

 aol olympics

baidu olympics logo Baidu, the biggest search and social network in China of course will be celebrating the most.

ask olympics page

Ask and Live Search seem to have been spying on each other and both feature the new Beijing National Bird’s Nest Stadium.

live search olympics