Verizon Touting Visual Voicemail

August 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

verizon lg voyager voice mail

Visual voicemail was introduced when the iPhone went on the racks last year.  It’s been a silent sidestream feature of the gadget and has been gaining popularity lately.

Apple’s iPhone has pushed mobile carriers to adapt to its features.  AT&T last year added the visual voicemail feature for the iPhone when they launched in 2007 and they’ve been getting great feedback on that service.  The feedback has been so positive that other carriers are also offering it.  Sprint has already licensed the feature for the Samsung Instinct and now Verizon is jumping on the band wagon, offering visual voicemail for the LG Voyager.

“Verizon Wireless recognizes that voice mail plays a large role in how customers conduct business and manage the balance between their personal and professional lives,” said Mike Willsey, executive director for marketing, Verizon Wireless. “With Visual Voice Mail, we’re able to offer customers more options to help them better prioritize voice mail messages from family, friends, colleagues, and business partners in a more timely and effective manner.” [Press Release]

Visual voicemail from Verizon however comes at a price.  Unlike AT&T which offers the service free on the iPhone, Verizon will charge a $2.99 one-time-activation-fee per subscription.  Unlike AT&T, Verizon will be offering the service beyond the initial LG Voyager handset.

And in light of the poetry of V’s of the new service (Verizon, Visual Voicemail, Voyager), Verizon claims that the feature will allow users to store 40 messages up to 40 days.

Visual Voicemail is not a technology owned by any of the Telecommunications companies.  It’s patented to Klausner Technologies and they’ve already sued AT&T and Apple resulting in a settlement which in which Apple  licenesed the technology from Klausner.  So if Verizon has not yet licensed thetechnology, expect another lawsuit.