Disqus 2.0: New Plugin, New Interface, and Comment Backup

August 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am


California based startup Disqus provides a third party commenting system for blogging platforms.  Apparently the Disqus commenting system is much better than the default commenting system provided by the blog platforms.  Disqus allows nice avatars,  threaded comments, and is expanding conversations beyond a simple stand-alone comment on one site into truer interaction throughout the web.

Today, Disqus has launched a big improvement.

In the past, the Disqus comments were hosted remotely on a Disqus server.  This has become a problem for blogs that opted not to use the service anymore, consequently they lost all their comments and with that the credibility and enjoyability of their posts.

The new Disqus 2.0 however addresses that problem head on.  In a bold move, Disqus is allowing the synching of comments both on the Disqus servers and on the blog platform.  This means that whenever or if ever the Disqus server goes down or the user opts to discontinue using Disqus, all the comments are stored locally on the blog platform.

Disqus has also released new APIs for developers to allow for deeper and better Disqus apps and integrations. New platform integrations include: SEO friendly comments, Automatic data sync between Disqus and the local database, Seamless import/export of old and new comments, Comment moderation from the WordPress Admin. [RWW]

Disqus now hosts comments for about 30,000 websites.  CEO Daniel Ha expects this number to increase with the launch of Disqus 2.0.