HSBC Considering iPhones Over BlackBerries

August 13th, 2008 at 12:00 am


Unless Research In Motion (RIM) comes up with something fast, they just might lose their enterprise foothold. Blackberries have always been the choice mobile handset of corporate businesses often proving their staff with a Blackberry which is of course tied up to the company’s network. the Blackberry is a proven device that can handle most corporate functions such as email, VPN and documents. However, as suggested by Steve Jobs when he unveiled the iPhone 3G, the Blackberry’s reign may be coming to an end.

HSBC is considering the shift from Blackberry to iPhone3G. It’s not a whim but due to the availability of the 3G networks across the globe, HSBC (as well as other corporations) are due to re-equip their staff with 3G enabled smartphones. Blackberry still has not released their latest Blackberry Bold which is a more capable device to pit against the iPhone 3G. But until that phone becomes available, the iPhone 3G is standing as the best contender for the bank’s staff of about 300,000.

HSBC’s Australia and New Zealand chief information officer Brenton Hush, is convinced that the iPhone 3G would be a capable handset as opposed to other banks who are still skeptical about the touch screen handset due to perceived inadequacies in email and security when compared to BlackBerry devices.

In an interview with ZDnet Australia, Hush says, "We are actually reviewing iPhones from a HSBC Group perspective … and when I say that, I mean globally." Moreover, "A decision on a piece of hardware like that would potentially be deployed, conservatively, to 200,000 people. .. You know, it’s a big decision, especially when you have an existing fleet out there. .. But it’s definitely something we are considering from a HSBC Group perspective. We always explore the potential application of new technologies and this is no different."

If ever HSBC does decide to go with the iPhone 3G, it would be a huge blow to RIM, makers of the Blackberry.