Yahoo Releases Fire Eagle

August 13th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Yahoo today announced the availability of Fire Eagle, a location-based platform that enables developers to build applications and integrate its location-based tools into an existing service.

Fire Eagle gives users a place to store and manage information about their location, and offers developers clear protocols for updating or accessing that information. Because it’s open, any networked service can use Fire Eagle to respond to a user’s location – to help them find their friends, annotate the world or find nearby services or local information.

"Fire Eagle is about making everything on the Internet more useful, fun or interesting by adding the element of location," said Tom Coates, head of product at Yahoo! Brickhouse. "We’re here to help people take their location to the Web by giving them the ability to control how much detail about their location they want to share and which applications they want to share it with." [Press Release]

The geo-location service is also fully controllable as Yahoo expected that there would be an  issue with privacy.  So the user has the option to manually enable or disable the service as well as adjust how much information about his location he wants to share.  For example, for different sets of friends or different applications, Fire Eagle can display only the country, state, city or even the whole address of the user depending on his preference.

Furthermore, Fire Eagle can be enable via mobile.  This allows Fire Eagle to track a user’s mobile device and share it to his friends or the world automatically.

Selected partners have been trying out the service since November last year.  These partners include, Six Apart, Pownce and Dipity.  Today’s launch however opens the API to developers which allows them to integrate the service into virtually all other applications.