New BlackBerry expected within Month in North America

August 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am

blackberry bold

Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry must be feeling the pressure mounting on the handset market niche that they are dominating. Blackberries are mainly for business/corporate/enterprise users. Most Blackberry owners have the handset provided to them by their employers who buy them in bulk. This presents a huge challenge to RIM, how to keep their edge over newer and better handsets capable of their customers’ business needs.

Yesterday, we received reports that HSBC was considering ditching their Blackberries in favor of the new iPhone3G. HSBC buys about 200,000 BlackBerries from RIM to equip their staff worldwide. So if they migrated to the iPhone, well that simply spells disaster to RIM.

The iPhone 3G is indeed a capable device but it doesn’t mean it’s the only device of its class. Samsung has the Instinct and the i780 Nokia has its E-series, LG has something too and RIM definitely has something that can match up with the iPhone, the BlackBerry 9000 a.k.a. Bold.

For some absurd reason, the Canadian manufacturer RIM has had the BlackBerry Bold since before the iPhone3G was released. The handset has all the features of the iPhone and one thing Apple never wanted, a tactile full QWERTY keyboard. Actually, Apple thinks that their ull touch screen is better but power users would rather have a tactile QWERTY and touch type.

Anyway, RIM began selling the Bold in Germany and Chile but forgot to sell it in its home country and the US. However, with HSBC syaing that they are considering the iPhone, RIM has to step up the ante and begin marketing the BlackBerry as the best smart phone on the planet (which I and many others believe it still is).

Analysts predict that the BlackBerry Bold will start selling in the US and Canada within a month, according to a Press Release.