China Loves to Keep it Fake – Part 2

August 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

chinese minorities

Part of the Olympic Fever is to keep an eye on China and everything going on in the Olympics (of course).  This piece is a follow up to the one we did earlier about the Chinese faking some fireworks by using computer generated images and the voice over of that little girl during the grand Olympic Opening ceremonies.

I’m personally  skeptical about China and their practices especially with Tibet.  Although I like the cheap stuff coming of them especially the digital hardware like USB flash drives and whole computers, I still think that China is an oppressive regime and what they’re showing us is completely a facade much like North Korea which I totally despise.

So another fake thing the Chinese did during the Olympic Opening Ceremony, at the exact same time the little girl was singing and the CGI fireworks were in effect, were the kids wearing the costumes of China’s 55 minorities.  It wasn’t the clothes, which are OK to be fake (it’s all made in China anyway), but the kids themselves representing the minorities.  It turns out that those kids were all part of the Galaxy Children’s art troupe.  Now there’s no problem about getting performers, however, the bothering thing is, the children from the art troupe are all Han Chinese majority.  Now there’s something really wrong about that (getting the majority to act as the minority, go figure).

The 55 minority groups make up about 9.4% of the Chinese population.  Considering China’s extra huge population, that 9.4% makes up about 123.33 million people!  And to represent these people with the Han majority is a plain blatant and blunt insult (especially to the Tibetans and the Russian minorities who are distinguishably whiter than yellow).

Anyway, it’s just disturbing that the world is beig blinded by these deceptions.  I totally agree with Duncan Riley who says, "It also begs the question: is anything at the Olympics real? There have been allegations of biased judging, empty stadiums, promises of foreign press freedom that has seen journalists beaten, boards hiding construction sites and obvious poverty… and probably a whole range of other things covered or faked as well. China could have used these games to highlight the good in the country, but in their own controlling paranoia they are actually causing more negative press than would have otherwise been the case."