Google Launches AdSense for Feeds

August 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

adsense for feeds

Google quietly launched their AdSense for feeds program.

After Google’s acquisition of RSS management firm Feedburner back in mid 2007, they haven’t done much monetization of that asset.  Now after a few months of pre-releasing to a number of AdSense users, Google has publicly and quietly launched their AdSense for Feeds program.

Basically, the AdSense for Feeds is the integration of contextual ads with RSS feeds.  Users of this service will be able to take their AdSense ads from their blogs and sites to their feeds.  Meaning that even if readers of a certain blog subscribe via a RSS reader (like Google Reader), ads are integrated into the feeds and clicking those ads will benefit the source of the feed.

Google’s AdSense is designed to split advertising revenues between Google and a site publisher / owner.  However, with RSS feeds and feed readers, the site publisher is cut out of the loop since subscribers (those who read the content) don’t need to go to the source (publisher’s site) to read an article.

The Google AdSense for feeds brings the publisher back in the game. "AdSense for feeds allows web publishers to earn by placing targeted Google ads in their feeds. AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works: by delivering ads that are relevant to your content and your readers."

The new program from Google allows the integration of AdSense ads into the RSS Feed.  This means that even if subscribers read articles via a feed reader, the ads on the article are still being credited to the publishers instead of the feed reader program or service.  Of course this will serve as another distribution platform for Google which unfortunately diminishes the cut of the RSS feed reader service provider.