HTC Dream Google Android Phone 2008

August 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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The Google Phone, HTC Dream and Android, what do all these have in common? For now, one thing, IT IS only one thing. Google’s much awaited mobile gadget which runs its own Android OS will be dubbed the Dream built by HTC.

It’s not yet official although there are some little confirmations from the New York Times. As early as now, sources are saying that T-mobile will be the carrier of the Google HTC Android Dream Phone (let’s call it the Dream Gphone for now). And as early as now, there are reviews popping up on the web and also it’s already being pitted against the iPhone.

Many are alrady speculating if it will be as successful as the iPhone. We know that the iPhone has a great operating system (OSX) and a sexy body. However, the Dream Gphone as of now is still an ugly duckling. Those who have been fortunate enough to demo the Gphone say that the Android OS is superb in terms of computing power. However, power is not all that sells a phone. The success of the iPhone is all due to its form factor physically, its software which a monkey could learn easily (user-friendliness) and the App Store. Those three factors are what the Dream GPhone should address and so far it’s not looking good.

android prototype gphone htc dream

First, the HTC made handset is huge and bulky unlike the sexy and sleek iPhone. Sure the Gphone is also touch screen and has a full 5-row keyboard that slides out, but is all that completely necessary. That kind of form factor has proven to be a wealing in phone design. Most sales come from the candy bar shapes phones with either a complete touch screen (e.g. iPhone and Instinct) or a full QWERTY (BlackBerry and Palm). So the HTC Dream Gphone with its slide out keyboard might not do the trick.

Second, the OS. Android has a good shot at this. However, according to those who demoed the OS, its not as easy to use as the OSX enabled iPhone. Sure it may be more powerful, but if users can’t harness that power, what’s the point?

Third, the App Store. Installing third party applications on the handset has proven to be one of the best selling points of the iPhone. Google sure will be doing this and will be rolling out a new SDK for the Android pretty soon. The current Android SDK has been updated but has only been distributed to preferred developers.

So it’s a tie, for now. Not bad for the Google HTC Android Dream Phone which has not yet been finalized. Sources say that Google and T-mobile are planning to release the phone as early as September or October. Making this deadline would really boost the Gphone (assuming they fix the first and 3rd problems fast) sales because of the holiday season.