FCC Approves Google Phone

August 19th, 2008 at 12:00 am

htc dream google phone android

Federal Communications Commission has approved the Google Phone. It’s actually the HTC Dream that’s been approved. As we previously discussed, the much awaited Google HTC Android Dream Phone is coming out really soon. The FCC documents suggest that the launch date will be November 10 this year which confirms what sources have been buzzing around. The November 10 launch is assumed due to the confidentiality clause HTC requested of the FCC. Anyway, that release date is said to be the latest.

So finally the Dream will become reality. However, T-mobile, HTC and Google still have some problems with the SDK.

If you recall, the Google Phone / HTC Dream / Android, is supposed to trump the iPhone 3G. So far, they haven’t started with an updated SDK.

Anyway, with an expected release date later this year, they may be well on the way. The FCC approval was the largest factor that they did not control so with that out of the way, all they need to do is:

1) Release of public SDK
2) ADC winner
3) Announcement
4) Release

I’m not sure if the Google Phone will actually trump the iPhone. Many are speculating that it might just provide an interesting alternative.