Google Releases Android SDK Update

August 19th, 2008 at 12:00 am

android home view

And just like clockwork, Google has taken the next step in their mobile OS venture. Following the FCC approval of the HTC Dream for production, Google, the maker of the Android OS that makes the whole HTC Dream phone such a fuss has release the public beta update to the Android SDK.

In a previous article we published here, we analyzed the pros and cons and the fighting chance of the Google HTC Android Dream phone against its apparent competitor the iPhone 3G. We mentioned that the biggest advantage of the iPhone was its looks and to get ahead, the HTC Dream should have a better Application selection. This is exactly what the Android SDK will do.

The Android SDK was previously released ten months ago and the public has gotten minimal updates for the kit. This means that developers haven’t really made the best Applications for the OS yet. However, Google did release some updates to some preferred developers but alas the wait for the public is over. The new Android SDK is here.

I’m not a programmer so I really wouldn’t understand some stuff about the SDK but here’s a list of what it can now do.

  • First and most obviously, the new Home screen is included, along with a ton of UI changes for 1.0.
  • Some new applications are included: an Alarm Clock, Calculator, Camera, Music player, Picture viewer, and Messaging (for SMS/MMS conversations.)
  • Several new development tools were added, such as a graphical preview for XML layouts for users of Eclipse, and a tool for constructing 9-patch images.
  • Since we’ve got a new Home screen application now, we thought the now-obsolete version from the M5 early-look SDK might be helpful to developers, so its source is included as a sample.
  • A number of new APIs are fleshed out and improved, and others are now close to their final forms for 1.0.
  • Tons of bugs were fixed, of course. (If you had problems with the MediaPlayer, try it now!)

So there, I guess that’s got to be exciting. Anyway, I’ll be studying the whole thing and will have more speculations about it real soon. In the meantime, enjoy some of the Android OS screen shots.

Honestly, if they can pull this off and it looks as good as this, I think the iPhone will have to consider a redesign.

android drawer

android apps