American Airlines Beats Delta for Inflight Wi-Fi

August 20th, 2008 at 12:00 am

american airways aircell gogo

In a twist of events, American airlines beat Delta to the punch with in-flight WiFi. In a recent report, which we covered here, Delta said it was to become the only major US Airline to provide in-flight internet access. According to the Delta press release, they’ll be rolling out their service by mid-2009.

In a sly move, American Airlines who’s been quietly testing took the show on the road. Today, they went live with providing in-flight Wi-fi provided by Aircell with their GoGo technology. Passengers on all 767-200 aircraft in American Airlines’ fleet will now have the option of getting in-flight internet access on domestic flights.

"We are pleased to provide our customers with the unprecedented ability to stay connected to their family, friends and business associates on the ground via the Internet while traveling at 30,000 feet above the United States," said Dan Garton, American’s Executive Vice President – Marketing. "With today’s launch, American Airlines makes history as the first and only U.S. airline to offer customers full in-flight Internet connectivity, demonstrating once again our industry leadership and focus on our customers." [Press Release]

Apparently, Delta was more specific yet vague in their press release about being the not the first but the widest to provide in-flight Wi-Fi. Delta claims that by mid-2009 they’ll equip all their domestic flights with the technology.

Ironically, American Airlines and Delta are sharing the same technology. The Aircell GoGo which has been tested successfully on test flights has been proven to provide a decent internet connection in flight.