Black Berry Bold goes Head to Head with iPhone3G

August 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

Blackberry announced that they will be launching their new toy in North America within a month. And with HSBC pondering if they should replace their fleet of Blackberries, the RIM announcement just got pretty official with Rogers launching the Blackberry Bold in Canada today… SURPRISE!

blackberry bold rogers

Anyway, that’s not what we’re concerned about. Besides, RIM and Rogers are both Canadians. Meaning they can do things a lot faster together if they wanted to. So now that the Bold is out, does HSBC need to go to Apple? Translated into English, which is better, Blackberry Bold or Apple iPhone3G?

We know that the two fruits have the same features except for the touch screen. We know that both fruits are packed with some serious hardware as well as software which are both brand spanking new. We know that the Blackberry Bold was made to bring back the "smart" in Smartphone. So does it?

See for yourself. The Blackberry and the Apple go head to head in a browser race. In the Mobile Computer video, the iPhone3G kicks the Bold’s ass, big time. However there was a problem, the Bold was using the 3G and EDGE network while the iPhone was using Wi-Fi, a totally unfair match. However, looking at the results under those conditions, the Bold does pretty well.

In a video response to the first, the Bold’s power is demonstrated with a Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, it’s not impressively fast as we expected it to be. Engadget says that the Bold still has a lot of untapped hardware resources and that RIM may be able to fix this with a software update. Well, they better!