Microsoft Taps Jerry Seinfeld for Windows Campaign

August 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

jerry seinfeld

Remember those "I’m a Mac, I’m a PC" ads from Apple? The ones where Jake Long plays the role of a Mac as a cool, hip, young and easy-going computer? Here’s one to refresh your memory. Anyway, those ads did the job of promoting the Apple Mac and OSX line of computers as an easy, more reliable, and intuitive computer system than the personal computer (PC). Those ads redefined millions of perspectives on the Mac from a personalized, specialized machine to a computer for everyone and everyday use.

Moreover, it put the PC and more importantly Windows, especially Vista, in a pretty bad light. Not that Vista wasn’t already in a bad light but the Apple marketing campaign kicked them hard when they were down.

Now that XP is officially retired, Microsoft’s new flagship needs to reinvent itself. Microsoft claims that Vista isn’t that bad (of course they would) and actually many who’ve gotten used to Vista are getting the hang of it. More over, the Mojave Experiment, did prove that Vista was impressively impressing than previously thought to be.

Now, to add that extra push, Microsoft will be launching a full scale marketing campaign similar to that of Apple’s. The theme is "Windows, not Walls" where they explore the importance of connecting users to information through Windows Vista (I’ve no idea what they mean). To rake in some star power, they signed on comedian Jerry Seinfeld to do the job. The ads will use Seinfeld’s comic perception of everyday trivialities, which in the past kept his Seinfeld’s sitcom on the air for more than 10 years.

Moreover, the campaign will also feature Bill Gates alongside Seinfeld. IT just might work, considering what an amazing hit Bill Gates’ farewell video was.

Microsoft is spending $300 million on this campaign and Seinfeld gets $10 million. Gates will be donating his share (if he had one) to charity.