Google and Verizon Nearing a Deal in Mobile Search

August 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Google and Verizon are nearing a deal that will have the big G put its search bar on all Verizon handsets. The search engine and the mobile carrier have been in talks about the possibility of integrating the Google search interface on all Verizon devices as a default. Google has been chasing this deal for over a year now and Verizon has been hesitant of handing over a potentially lucrative mobile search market.

However, Verizon like other wireless providers have hit a stump on their search markets. Sprint has already signed a deal with Google and the carrier has seen a significant increase in search and data use.

Verizon on the other hand are pondering the issues with such a deal with Google. First there’s the revenue sharing which of course any business would, if possible, avoid. Then there are privacy issues and some angst left over from the 700MHz auction. Anyway, the deal is not final yet and sources from the Wall Street Journal, where the story was initially published, say that the likeliness of Verizon and Google hooking up is quite high.

Yahoo and Google have already signed similar search deals with other mobile carriers and handset makers to embed their software, primarily search.