Amazon Acquires Book Centered Social Network Shelfari

August 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

shelfari logo

Amazon today has announced that they have acquired the small book centered social networking site Shelfari.

"It’s an exciting day here at Shelfari. The rain has stopped, the birds are chirping and the biggest news of all – we are being acquired by

As many of you may already know, Amazon has been a long supporter of Shelfari. They’ve worked closely with us as we introduced readers, like you, to our global community of book lovers. They’ve been there each step of the way as we brought forth new features, like the cool Facebook application and our virtual bookshelf. And now Shelfari and Amazon will work hand in hand to continue to grow our dynamic community and create innovative new tools around the books you love."

Amazon, also known as the web’s shopping ground has been carrying a lot of books ever since and with their Kindle reader; they’ve proven that they are serious in the books and eBooks market. Realizing that, they’ve become an online Barnes and Noble or a version of Wal Mart. How’s that? Well, usually in every town there’s a small privately owned and operated book store specializing in something, then comes Barnes and Noble, buys them out and the store loses its individuality and, identity and most of its intrigue. This is more visible with Wal Mart, sweeping the country, closing down local grocers to put up their Supercenters.

Anyway, Shelfari is small operation. They don’t really sell book s but they have their users create "shelves" or lists of books (in music it’s what they call a playlist) which they share with other users to discuss and review.

Amazon also recently acquired AbeBooks, an antique/rare books online market which had a stake in a Shelfari like company LibraryThing. Now that Amazon owns both Shelfari and AbeBooks (and by transitivity, parts of LibraryThing), Amazon is in competition with itself.