Google Plans to Expand Undersea Cable Network in Asia

August 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

intra-asia undersea fiber optic cable

The Far East up to and early 20th century was a paradise for westerners. Back then, putting up an outpost or colonizing a whole country in the south East Asia region meant power money and fame. In the 21st century however, Southeast Asia has boomed and bust a couple of times and most of its residents are trying to get out of the rat race. Unfortunately, most of them have to stay. So, a lot of the Asian countries have their populations on the brim of catastrophe.

However, this is not exactly a bad situation for business. The density of people in Asia looks so promising that even Google is planning to expand its undersea fiber optic cable network in the region and increase internet speeds.

Google has already partnered with some Asian telcos before to lay a transpacific undersea cable dubbed Unity. Now, plans are emerging that Google will be partnering up again with the same consortium and others to lay an intra-Asia undersea cable network.

According to Telegeography, Google has been in talks with an Asian telecommunications companies to set up the undersea cable network. Google will be using its Asian consortium from the Unity cable and a few others to lay down the intra-Asia network.

"The members of the SJC consortium are nearly identical to Unity with a few exceptions. Companies that are participating in both consortia are Google, Bharti, SingTel, KDDI and Global Transit. Pacnet, which will control two fibre pairs on Unity, already operates the EAC-C2C intra-Asian mesh cable system and consequently is not involved with SJC. Globe Telecom of the Philippines and TOT of Thailand are also members of SJC and will be the landings parties for the cable in their respective countries."