Psystar Countersues Apple

August 27th, 2008 at 12:00 am

psystar mac clone opencomputer

Remember Psystar? That PC-maker that made it possible to own a low cost computer that runs OS X that’s been sued by Apple, is now giving back the favor.

In response to the lawsuit filed by Cupertino CA based Apple, Miami based Psystar is going to court against the Mac-OSX maker on antitrust counts. Psystar owner Rudy Pedraza will sue Apple under two federal laws that discourage the formation of monopolies and cartels, the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act. Psystar is saying that Apple’s practice of tying down the OS-X to Apple only hardware is "an anticompetitive restrain of trade."

The OpenMacs from Psystar were shipped sometime early this year for a brief period of time until Apple first warned them for using the "Mac" moniker. Psystar simply changed the name of their product to OpenComputer and still pre-installed the Apple OS-X. Everything went downhill from then. Apple sued Psystar in a 16-page grievance which ultimately said that Psystar violated the OSX EULA.

The counter suit to be filed by Psystar demands (on the basis of the antitrust laws) that the OSX EULA be considered void and Apple pay Psystar some amount for damages.

On this issue, I’d have to side with Psystar. The Apple OSX and Mac are great machines which Psystar sure has seen. However, having alternative machines to run the OSX and emulate the Mac is a great idea especially for those who just want to try it out or simply can’t afford the absurd Apple prices. I hope the antitrust laws pan out and Psystar wins.