Firefox and Google Renew Search Contract Deal

August 28th, 2008 at 12:00 am


I like Google. I like Firefox. I think the best thing about the Firefox browser is the integrated Google search bar on the top right corner.

Apparently, Google and Firefox have an arrangement that makes this possible and that contract was set to expire this November. However, during the recent Firefox Summit, Google and Firefox have renewed their deal for another three years.

"Another important element is the financial resources Mozilla enjoys. We’ve just renewed our agreement with Google for an additional three years. This agreement now ends in November of 2011 rather than November of 2008, so we have stability in income. We’re also learning more all the time about how to use Mozilla’s financial resources to help contributors through infrastructure, new programs, and new types of support from employees."

Moreover, the Firefox-Google partnership isn’t simply about putting the search bar in the browser. According to the blog post, Video will also be coming to the browser. "The introduction of the browser concept series, developer releases for Thunderbird, and video moving into the browser via Firefox 3.1."

Whatever that means for now is not yet confirmed. However, it probably means that searching and watching videos on YouTube could bypass the whole Flash plug in? Anyway, it sounds exciting.