Google Announces Android Developer Challenge Winners

August 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

android developer challenge

Google is really hyping up their Android mobile platform.  Late last year, the Android team launched a contest for developers to create apps that run on the Android platform in anticipation of the Android Market launch yesterday.   Today, winners of the first Android Developer Challenge (ADC1) were announced.

The Android Developer Challenge 1 had 50 finalists screened last year.  The finalist have been polishing their applications for the past several months for the $275,000 and $100,000 prizes.  Twenty teams have one the cash, 10 for the $275K and 10 for the $100K.

Judging of the applications  fell into the hands of seven experts, GAdi Amit, Jenns Begemann, Chris DiBona, Leon Segal, Kristian Simsarian, Charles Warren and Jeremiah Zinn.

And the ten 1st place winners are (each receiving $275,000):

  • cab4me: “Ever been looking for a cab? cab4me is the answer. Anywhere. Anytime.”
  • CompareEverywhere: “Shop smarter using your phone. Compare prices, read reviews, and connect with local stores.”
  • Ecorio: “Ecorio automatically tracks your mobile carbon footprint, suggests transit and carpooling alternatives and lets you stay carbon neutral by offsetting your trips easily.”
  • GoCart: “Scan a product’s barcode with your phone’s camera and view all the best prices online and at nearby, local stores.”
  • Life360: “From major natural disasters to little things like your child wandering away at the mall, there is a lot you might worry about. Life360 can help.”
  • Locale: “Locale is an advanced settings manager that automatically changes your phone’s settings based on conditions, such as location.”
  • PicSay: “Easy to use image editor that enables you to quickly personalize your pictures and share them with friends or photo sites.”
  • Softrace: “Turn your workout into a thrilling race and challenge the world in real time.”
  • TuneWiki: “TuneWiki Social Media Player, is an advanced player, featuring synchronized lyrics for audio or video, translation, music maps and a social network.”
  • Wertago: “The mobile application nightlifers have been waiting for. Find the hottest parties in town and connect with friends and others all night long.

For the complete list of winners and screen shots, go here.

Now that the Android Apps are gaining attention on the web, I wonder how the Android Market will fair when the T-Mobile G1 is released.  The shiny new applications do look tasty and interesting.