Rogers Extends Data Plan to 3G Smartphones

August 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

rogers bold 

Rogers had a rough start with their iPhone introduction.  After initially publishing the new data plans for the iPhone (and their other smartphones), the Toronto-based carrier came under fire from both Apple and excited iPhone fans leading to an online petition for Rogers to change the absurd data plans.

The ravaged plans were consequently changed to a limited-time-only 6GB data plan. The time limited offer was to expire on August 31, however, Rogers is extending the promo for another month to benefit the users of the iPhone3G competitor from Research in Motion, the Blackberry Bold.

Rogers will also introduce a new data plan which will cost users $25 per month for Smartphone users on October 1.  This data plan will allow 500MB downloads per month and a 3-month promotional unlimited usage.  Of course the new data plan is on top of the voice plan that starts at $20 per month and an activation fee og $6.95.

Another data plan to be introduced at the same time will be a $30 per month that will allow 1GB of downloads.

"We learned a lot," Liz Hamilton, spokesperson for Rogers said,. "We were educated by customers by what they wanted and we were educated by customers by what they used."

Moreover, Rogers will also be releasing a "peace of mind protection plan" which will allow users to monitor their data usage.  Users will periodically receive status updates via SMS as well as  warning messages when they’ve reached certain thresholds of their data plan.

"Customers want to have some tools to give themselves predictable costs," Hamilton said. "You know those stories out there, every now and then you hear about them, that are really poor, terrible customer experiences where somebody’s got a five-figure data bill because their kid went and watched movies or something where they weren’t sure of the data usage, that’s not going to happen."