Android-Powered HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 Is Sexier Than We Imagined

September 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

t-mobile g1 htc dream google android

The iPhone is definitely, hands down, a sexy phone.  It epitomizes Apple’s knack for simple, innovative and absolutely cool hardware design (apparent in the iMacs, iPods and MacBooks).  The design of the hardware is one of the iPhone’s best selling points.  But, there have been issues with the touch screen.  It’s also one of the factors why I personally do not like it.  I’m more for functionality than style and for many others like me, a smartphone which is what an iPhone is, must have a tactile keyboard.

When T-Mobile announced that they will be releasing a Android-powered phone, I dropped wanting the iPhone and shifted my attention to T-Mobiles Google Phone (as it was first dubbed).  The only problem was, at that time, there was no phone yet.  All there was were plans and a semi-finished mobile OS that was supposed to be a great alternative to the iPhone.  However, as months passed and the Google phone evolved into the HTC Dream then the T-mobile G1, there was a bit of hesitation about the device.  First off, it looked ugly in the spy shots initially scattered on the web.  Sources also said that it was bulkier than the iPhone.  Then when the FCC plans came out, it did not get any better.

Today, fortunately, real pictures of the T-Mobile G1 in Hi-res, have been popping all over the net, and OMG, it looks awesome.  Sure its not black and shiny as the iPhone but with an integrated tactile QWERTY keyboard under a slide-out touch screen, it’s a real beauty.

The new pictures are adding to my excitement for this new phone.  Moreover, the G1 is made by HTC and the new HTC S740 handset that’s currently running Windows Mobile will probably get Androided in the coming months or year.

Anyway, for now, have a look at the G1 and tell me it’s not sexy like the iPhone.