Google’s Browser Under Construction

September 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

google chrome comic browser 

Google is coming out with a browser, it’s called Chrome.  There is no working alpha on the web yet and Google has not yet even given a statement about it.   All we know is that they’re making something and it’s a browser.

A browser from Google? Why? Well, I’ve thought about this before and it does make a lot of sense.  Google has been making all kinds of web-based applications, from office suites to readers to every other web tool we can think of.  Alone, Google can almost already be a closed package, they have an operating system (Android), email (Gmail), office (Docs), graphics suite (sketch up), and everything else except a browser.

So, what’s Chrome going to do? Well, with all the other Google services lying around,  Google can use Chrome to sidstep everybody else and force users to use their products by default.  Smart.  Until today, Google’s products are mostly all accessible through the browser, even with the offline versions of their Applications using Google Gears, it’s still browser based.  So why not make their own?  Apparently, there is no reason not to.

Furthermore, Google’s browser can also take over the mobile market.  With the recent release of the Android mobile platform and the Android Market, the mobile space is a frontier open for the taking and Google is primed to get the best parts as of now.

And just to extrapolate, when Google is done with the mobile market, it can go back to the PC market with their Android OS, their slew Google Services and their internet Browser Chrome and make us all into zombies following their every command!  Ok this idea may be far fetched but feel free to refer to this if and when Google replaces Windows and OSX and Linux.

Anyway, for now, here are some specs of Google’s upcoming web browser Chrome. [RWW]

  • It’s built on Webkit, the browser framework used to power Safari and the iPhone.
  • It’s faster. Smarter implementation of Javascript rendering will make pages more responsive and let your browser do more than one thing at once.
  • Smarter memory management. A sophisticated approach to data storage across time and tabs will keep the browser in top shape.
  • Crash-free app browsing. Applications will be partitioned in the browser so if one crashes, it won’t crash your whole browser.
  • Tabs on the top. Instead of tabs being displayed below your address bar, inside the browser – they’ll ride on top of each browser window. We’ll see what this is like for the user, we do wonder.
  • Quick navigation. Your most frequently visited pages will be available in a point and click navigation, like Opera’s Quick Dial.
  • Gears integration. Google Gears will be integrated throughout the experience for offline use, local storage of information and all kinds of other magic that Gears-heads are working on.
  • Open source. The browser appears to be entirely open source, Google says it wants other companies to borrow from it just like it learned from them.

Finally, to have a better and more detailed look, Google Blogoscoped has the scoop here and a comic book here.