Microsoft to Launch Skymarket Applications Marketplace for Windows Mobile 7

September 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

windows mobile 7

I’ve been hearing it a lot lately, mobile is the next web.  It probably is and web and computer and software companies are seeing this to be so. In the recent years since GSM changed the whole cellular phone game, mobile phones are becoming more equipped to handle large amounts of data.  From simple calls to text messages (SMS) to MMS to 3G, the mobile market is booming steadily.  Last July, Apple launched its App Store for iPhone applications, last week Google launched its Android Market and for the last couple of years, Windows Mobile has already been relying on third party applications to keep their mobile OS alive.

However, Microsoft, unlike Apple and Google, has not foreseen the lucrative business behind mobile Apps.  For them, as they did with Windows, they let developers market apps freely and do not take a cut and rely on their operating system to provide most of their profits.  On the other hand, Apple and Google are taking advantage of the mobile platform space to do exactly what Microsoft did with the PC platform market.

Realizing this, Microsoft will not back down easily.  Having not dominated the mobile OS market yet with the Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms already gaining a lot of popularity and market share, Microsoft is changing their approach towards the distribution of mobile applications with their Windows Mobile 7 platform.

The rumor going around now is that Microsoft is making their own version of the App Store and Android Market.  Much like the two, Microsoft’s app market will do pretty much the same thing.  Moreover, they will be making a new moniker for the apps written for Windows Mobile 7, Skymarket.  Where ever they got that name beats me.

Skymarket, will probably be like Apple’s iTunes, distributing music and videos for iPods as well as apps for the iPhone thru the App Store.  Skymwarket will integrate Apps for the Windows Mobile 7 platform as well as music and videos for the Zune and apps for the Xbox.