Google’s Picasa Launching Face Recognition Software

September 2nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

google picasa photos

Like I said, Google is on a roll today.  First they announce and release their new web browser Chrome, then they release Google Video for businesses in Google Apps Premiere.  Now, they release a 3.0 edition of their photosharing service, Picasa.

Picasa is Google’s answer to Yahoo’s Flickr.  However, the acquisition of Picasa has failed to overshadow Flickr and remains an alternative to Yahoo’s photo service.  So now, Google is adding a feature to rake in more users.

"There’s a brand-new feature called "name tags" in Picasa Web Albums that helps you quickly label all the people in your photos, so you can organize and share your photos based on who’s in the picture. Name tags uses advanced technology to automatically group similar faces together. That way, you can quickly label all the people you care about in your photo collection. Once you’ve labeled your photos, it’s then a snap to do things like create a slideshow with every picture of you and your best friend, or easily share party photos with everybody who appears in that photo album. " [Google Official Blog]

Moreover, the Picasa Web Albums service also got a revamp. "The site now has a fresh, clean look that makes photos look great, and a new "Explore" page that allows you to browse some of the most interesting public content on our site, including "Recent Photos," a near-real-time view of public photos uploaded to Picasa Web Albums. You can now also email photos directly to Picasa Web Albums."

Picas has seen steady growth since the Google acquisition.  However, the sheer number of of years that Yahoo has been keeping Flickr online has amassed millions and millions of users and photos that Picasa will have to wait for some tim before totally dominating the space.