Nokia N96 Starts Shipping Today

September 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

nokia n96

I remember when Nokia totally dominated the mobile scene.  We began to notice it when they released the original Nokia 5110 in the late 1990’s.  That phone was highly anticipated especially it’s big brothers the 6110 and the 6150.  Those were the days that people were falling in line to get their hands on the latest Nokia phones like they were waiting for the iPhone.

However, nearly 10 years after that time, Nokia releases today seem boring and uneventful.  Even before the iPhone came out, Nokia’s phone models became blander and less interesting.  New features took too long to surface and no innovations were actually being integrated.  It was mostly just new body designs that they focused on, and the public not knowing any better, took the bait. 

Things started to change when Sony Ericsson came out with more featured phone including their cyber-shot line and Walkman line.  To add to that, Samsung and LG were also coming out with brilliantly designed and fully featured handsets.  Nokia was stuck with their underpowered N70 and their attempts to play catch up with the N80 did not do much good.  Nokia did catch a break with their N90 series but not as big as the 5110 a decade ago.  The climax of Nokia’s slide into the shadows came when the iPhone and iPhone3G came out.  Now those handsets from Apple was the way to hype things up and get eager customers camping in line.

So now, Nokia is struggling to get some attention.  Sure, they still sell more phones than Apple or Sony Ericsson (or any other brand for that matter) but mostly because of their low-end phones that are ultra cheap and easy to use especially in third world countries.  Unfortunately, their higher end phones aren’t making much of a buzz in the communities where they want it to click.

Today they start shipping the latest model in the N-series line, the N96. Is anybody excited except for Engadget?

"The Nokia N96 is mobile entertainment at its best, a fitting flagship for our Nseries range. It defines convergence by blending phone and multimedia options seamlessly with the unique Nokia Nseries dual slider that makes discovering and sharing experiences easy. Watch live TV and video, take high quality photos and geotag them to specific locations or directly upload them online via the fast internet connection – it is all about taking mobile entertainment and communication to the next level," says Jonas Geust, Vice President, Nokia Nseries. [Nokia Press Release]

Oh well, it’s another Nokia, what’s it got this time? We’ll check tomorrow if there’s anything interesting.