Google Chrome Coming to Android

September 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

android chrome logos

This is no surprise.  The brand new browser from Google, Chrome will find its way to mobile phones powered by Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

Of course it was going to happen. Taking a bird’s eye view on Google’s actions, it seems clear that they are planning to dominate the web.  Their success on the internet started with a search engine that everybody would go to every time they opened the browser (Google’s deal with Firefox).  Then as the mobile market matures, Google has launched their mobile platform Android to compete with Symbian, iPhone and Windows Mobile.  If all those mobile platforms are using their own browsers, then it makes perfect sense for Android to use Chrome.

In an interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, he says that the development of Android and Chrome were in no way tied up to each other to provide flexibility for both products.  However, as both products near their 1.0 release versions, we can expect that these two products will come closer together.  "Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack," Brin said, pointing to JavaScript improvements as one area. [CNET]

As of now, Android’s browser is not yet Chrome but both browsers employ the same backbone WebKit, an open-source project for the process of interpreting the HTML code that makes up a Web page and rendering it on a screen.

The first Android-powered phone the HTC Dream will be released by T-Mobile, taking the name G1.  These phones won’t initially have Chrome installed but further updates will definitely change that.