Nokia Acquires Remaining Stake in Symbian

September 4th, 2008 at 12:00 am

symbian os licenscees

Symbian is still the most sold mobile platform to date.  Symbian powers all Nokia phones, some Samsung and LG, all Sony Ericssons and a whole lot more.  Nokia has acquired the operating system and made it into an open source platform.  The acquisition was not complete however, Samsung still retained some of its shares until now. 

Today, Samsung has agreed to sell to Nokia its remaining shares of the mobile OS Symbian. Of course, Nokia’s initial plan was to have all of Symbian to itself.  Now that Samsung has agreed to sell, Nokia will be arranging to acquire those remaining shares.

Nokia is still the largest manufacturer of mobile phones but the dawn of the iPhone and the upcoming Android-powered HTC Dream, they are in an awkward position of losing their dominance over the market.  It seems that having their own OS is the solution, besides, iPhone has a successful OS that Google was pressured to make their own.  Of course, there’s always Windows Mobile to also consider.

If and when Nokia acquires all of Symbian, they will likely also build an SDK for developers to create applications for the OS.  Moreover, following Apple’s and Google’s models, Nokia may also be putting up their own app market (like the App Store and Android Market).