Seinfeld-Gates Microsoft Ad “Doesn’t Talk About Specific Microsoft Product”

September 8th, 2008 at 12:00 am

bill gates jerry seinfeld microsoft ad campaign

Remember when we told you about Microsoft launching an ad campaign to boost the Windows Vista reputation?  Well, it’s here and we don’t get it.

In our previous post on the matter, Jerry Seinfeld was to star in the campaign alongside Microsoft founder Bill Gates.  And they do.  Honestly we were excited that Seinfeld was going to do it and was expecting to get some great laughs especially also from Bill Gates who has proven himself a comedian in his retirement video.

Now that the first ad of the campaign is out, we’re not laughing.  Instead we’re trying to figure out what just went down.  Did we miss anything?  It’s like one of those speechless moments you get after hearing something so absurdly dumb or when your brain goes into overdrive trying to calculate the meaning of life!

Yeah, it’s that bad.  Here, have a look-see for yourself and you’ll know what I mean. 

Naturally, we tried to see it from Microsoft’s point of view. Still, it isn’t any clearer.  Unlike Apple’s PC vs Mac ad campaign, I remember Jake Long and that PC guy acting like computers and pointing out each others (well mostly the PC’s) flaws.  All I remember now is shoes and churros.  Anything about Windows Vista?  Not really.

Anyway, frustration aside, microsoft says that this is just the first leg.  Something to get the ball rolling.  Well they better come up with something before their whole $300 million ad campaign flops.