NBC Universal Returns to The iTunes 8

September 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

itunes 8

When the video service Hulu launched, it was said that it would be the Youtube killer. Hulu received a lot of hype before it’s launch and it curved down and out a couple of months later. Today, Youtube is alive, well and dominant while Hulu struggles to keep its shows showing in other countries outside the US.

Hulu is a product NBC Universal. Prior to the launch of Hulu, NBC Universal pulled all their content from Apple’s online music store, iTunes. The plan was simple, NBC Universal wanted their content to be sold or viewed all on Hulu instead.

More than a year after that botched NBC Universal decision, they are now back in iTunes 8. Announced by Steve Jobs during the Let’s Rock keynote speech, NBC Universal and Apple have renewed their contract.

"The return of our shows to iTunes is terrific news for everyone who loves television and the ease and convenience of Apple’s iTunes,” said Jeff Zucker, President and CEO, NBC Universal. “And now, by offering consumers a variety of new options, our fans have even more ways to enjoy our content."

Among the shows that will again be available on iTunes are, "Heroes","The Office", "Battlstar Galactica", and "30 Rock". Moreover, premiers episodes of NBC Universal shows like "Knight Rider", "My Own Worst Enemy", and "Kath and Kim" will be available on iTunes a week before their airdateson TV.

Apple also announced the availability of new HD TV content in iTunes, with new HD shows priced at $2.99 and existing quality TV remaining at $1.99. Unlike the HD movies available on Apple TV, HD TV shows will be viewable on any iTunes Mac or PC. NBC will be among those offering HD TV content. [AppleInsider]