RIM Unveils the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220

September 10th, 2008 at 12:00 am

blackberry pearl flip

Research In Motion, the Canadian makers of the smartphone darling Blackberry, has introduced a first of its kind Blackberry.  The new smartphone is unlike the rest of the Blackberries before it.  All other products from RIM have the candy bar profile which accommodates the QWERTY keyboard the put on board almost all of their phones.  However the newest model sports the clamshell design.  A familiar design started way back in the analog days of the mobile phone.

Clamshell designs are popular mainly because of the form factor and its size.  Furthermore there’s always that cool factor when flipping it open or folding it close.  On the other hand, Blackberries are known for their bulky candy bar forms which accommodates bigger features like messaging, email, web browsing etc.  Still, RIM came up with  Blackberry in a clamshell.  The new Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 shares the features of the Blackberry Pearl, predecessor of the Blackberry Bold 9000.  Though underpowered as compared to the Bold, the Pearl Flip is smaller, cooler, a clamshell and still a Blackberry.

The Blackberry 8000 series was not  in anyway a failure.  Until the iPhone came out, Blackberries in that series were leading the pack in the smartphone market.  To date, Blackberries are still the favorite of the corporate world.  So the Pearl Flip won’t do bad at all.

“The popularity of BlackBerry smartphones has grown tremendously around the world and the introduction of this exciting new flip phone will help extend the reach of the BlackBerry platform even further,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, Research In Motion. “The BlackBerry Pearl Flip is a full-featured smartphone with a unique and friendly design and it is a natural choice for flip phone users who want to start doing more with their phone than just talk.”

Like I said,  the Pearl Flip is still a Blackberry and as one, it includes a QWERTY keyboard but with less keys.  This SureType® QWERTY keyboard that makes typing messages and dialing numbers fast and easy, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, like all BlackBerry smartphones, provides integrated access to the industry leading BlackBerry wireless services. [Press Release]