Sony Ericsson Announces Release Dates for Xperia X1

September 10th, 2008 at 12:00 am

sony ericsson xperia x1

Sony Ericsson has had a rough time since the iPhones went into market.  Last we heard is that they’re axing two thousand employees and quitting making low end cheap phones.  Basically, Sony Ericsson is tightening its belt and saving up for a big break to curb the onslought brought upon it by iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and every other competition they have.

To boost their sales, Sony Ericsson has again partnered with James Bond  for the launch of their latest Cyber-Shot phone C902.  However in the smartphone department there will be no British spies to parade it on the silverscreen.  

Sony Ericsson’s latest smartphone since the P1i (a lemon) is the much anticipated Xperia X1.  The X1 is intended to compete with the iPhone, Bold, G1, Instinct and other full touchscreen smartphones.  As expected, the Xperia will be a phone that’s also a web, multimedia and entertainment device.

The Xperia X1 has received its fair amount of press during its development and pre-release.  Now, Sony Ericsson will be rolling out the gadget in some parts of the world and are preparing some promotional events for it.

Sony Ericsson today announces 30 September 2008 as the official launch date for the highly anticipated XperiaTM X1 – initially available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The handset will be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008. [Press Release]

However this launch will not include the US nor Canada.

Availability dates for North America, China, Australia and Russia along with other countries not mentioned above will be announced by local markets in the coming months. [Press Release]

"We are extremely pleased with the innovation and new user experience we have created for consumers on the XperiaTM X1," said Rikko Sakaguchi CVP and Head of Creation and Development at Sony Ericsson. "The in-depth demonstration on the web cast will showcase how this handset is truly unique.

The nine panel eco system puts the user in total control of the primary experiences available on the phone and allows consumers to personalise the panel interface to suit their needs and lifestyle.  The XperiaTM X1 has the highest quality screen on the market, four-way navigation keys and optical joy stick to give a stressless browsing experience and, with its super fast processor and network speed the XperiaTM X1 really bridges the gap between personal, entertainment and work mobile needs."

Sony Ericsson has also produced a mini webisodic series called Johnny X to promote the Xperia.

Johnny X is about a young man with amnesia desperately piecing together his identity. The webisodic thriller comprises of nine episodes, created to demonstrate the rich, immersive and experiential elements of the XperiaTM X1.   [Press Release]