Google App for Blackberry Revised

September 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

When the iPhone came out, Blackberry maker RIM saw its sales dip.  At that point, things looked bleak for the Canadian phone manufacturer and many observers thought that this may be the beginning of the end.  Besides, the iPhone is now the poster child of the mobile world.

However, behind the scenes, RIM is making a lot of headway with their Blackberry Bold and latest model the Pearl Flip 8220

Today, Microsoft and RIM announced that Live Search will become the default search engine on all Blackberries by the end of the year.  Any which way you look at it, it’s a plus for Research in Motion.  Ironically, as the search engines slug it out, the phone manufacturer is picking up the spoils of war.

RIM today gets another kiss on the cheek with Google’s revised Mobile App for Blackberries.  The Google Mobile app is an improved search engine that’s faster, stronger and better than the previous one they had for mobile phones in general.

According to Google, the App will allow easy access to Google Search, Maps and News among others.  Moreover, Google also includes a list of features that will improve the Blackberry Web experience.

  • Fast Google search – enter queries without waiting for a browser to load
  • Search history – easily access and amend your previous queries
  • Google Suggest – complete queries with less typing
  • Easy access to Google products for your phone – click once to download and install our applications for BlackBerry, and get immediate access to our web-based services
  • Google Apps support – get direct links to your Google Apps Calendar and Documents/Spreadsheets (select Menu, Options, Use Google Apps Domain: yes, and then enter your domain name)
  • Update alerts – learn about new versions of downloadable Google mobile applications and upgrade with just one click (Google Mobile App replaces Google Updater for BlackBerry)

Well isn’t RIM just loving this? From being the ugly step sister of the iPhone, They are now again in the spotlight. Wow! I think I’ve been watching too much Disney Channel