Microsoft Live Search Secures Spot on Blackberries

September 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

microsoft rim blackberry live search

I was once said that Mobile will be the new frontier where web companies will slug it out against each other. That time is coming and as the big internet companies take up position in the mobile space, they get caught in the crossfire between phone manufacturers. When I say "the big internet companies" I really mean the big three of search, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and all of them have deals with phone manufacturers to be their default search engines.

Much like the browser wars – IE comes default with Windows, Safari with OSX, and Firefox with Ubuntu, the big three of search are battling over phone manufacturers to get ground in the mobile space. Google has the iPhone and the upcoming Androids, Yahoo has all of Nokia, and Microsoft Live Search has all Windows Mobile enabled phones.

Today, Microsoft advances its reach by partnering up with Research In Motion, the makers of the Blackberry. By the end of this year, all Blackberries will have Microsoft Live Search as their default search engine pre-installed.

"Microsoft’s Live Search will be available on BlackBerrys this year, the companies said in an e-mailed statement today. BlackBerry customers can use the search engine to find nearby businesses and attractions.

The deal may help Microsoft prevent competitors Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. from staking out a dominant share of mobile- phone searches, a market projected to increase almost tenfold over the next three years." [Bloomberg]

At this point, Microsoft will have a huge advantage. Event though the iPhone is selling like pancakes, they are still behind Blackberries. Moreover, Nokia’s Yahoo deal is not enough for the number of Windows Mobile enabled devices that are already in Live Search’s numbers. However it’s going to be a close fight since Google will be releasing their Android enabled phones with T-mobile and Yahoo was selected by AT&T to be their search engine.