Passionato Launches Classical Music Download

September 11th, 2008 at 12:00 am

passionato classical music store

Classical music these days are very much over-looked and eclipsed by the vast number of genres popular to today’s generation. However, that does not mean that classical music is dead nor dying. Over the past 200 years, classical music pieces have been written and passed down from generation to generation and from orchestra to orchestra as well as from key to key. This makes classical music have as much pieces as any leading music label today.

Moreover, classical music is a timeless genre that people will always long for and listen to. So, putting up a music store much like iTunes seemed to be a good idea for a British start up Passionato.

Passionato is providing the world’s biggest collection of high-quality classical downloads, first in the UK and later worldwide. The company says that more than 18000 songs are available.

Passionato’s founder is James Glicker, a veteran of the music industry and a former president of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. According to Glicker, "First, the UK and Europe have an incredibly vibrant classical music scene in terms of concert attendance, record labels and journalism – though of course the US is the biggest single country in terms of actual classical music sales. Second, the UK has several innovative entities that sponsor creative projects, including the Creative Capital Fund, which invested in Passionato. So another reason for setting up Passionato in the UK is to take advantage of the financial support that was being offered to us."

Moreover, he continues to say, "Digital distribution already offers great choice as to how music fans can access and enjoy music online, and its potential is even greater. We expect the new Passionato service will greatly enhance the digital music offering for classical music aficionados and we warmly welcome innovation of this type in music retail."