AT&T Stores Recommending RIM over the iPhone for Email

September 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

rim logo

It seems that the pressure is steadily getting off Canadian phone maker Research in Motion.

Blackberry by RIM is a smartphone that brought email to the mobile phone.  Blackberries have become the icon of the business, corporate and enterprise crowd because of its capabilities with emails.  However, RIM’s success was not necessarily because the Blackberry was the best but because it was the first.  When other phone makers began making smartphones to counter the Blackberry with cheaper price tags, it did not make much of a dent on RIM’s position in the market.

However, RIM’s dominance over the smartphone market came under fire last year when Apple released its iPhone.  The iPhone had it all, media hype, new technology, cheaper price tag and  capability.  For a while, RIM’s sales dipped especially when just this year Apple when released the iPhone3G.   The 3G technology was something RIM did not incorporate in their phones.  Other phone makers including Apple took the 3G technology and attacked RIM where the Blackberry was not first nor the best, the web.  Mobile email is quite different from mobile web.  With mobile email, the phone only goes on spurts of beaming data over the cell network.  However, with mobile web, the phone is running a marathon of beaming data back and forth the network.  That’s where the 3G comes in and Blackberry totally underestimated that.

So, iPhone3G along with other 3G enabled smartphones were making a killing while the number one smartphone maker RIM struggled to keep its corporate and enterprise customers.  The situation for RIM and its Blackberries got so bad that HSBC was even considering rearming their employees worldwide with the iPhone.

At that point, RIM was lagging way behind and but already had a 3G Blackberry in the pipe.  The Blackberry Bold 9000 was to be their messiah.  After delays with its release, it finally came out and reclaimed customers’ confidence in RIM.

Today, Blackberries are up to date technology wise with mobile technology as well as the web.  Moreover, traction of the Blackberry is coming back that even AT&T dealers are recommending them over the iPhone especially for email.