Google Gears Now Available for Safari

September 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google gears logo

This comes as good news for Mac users.  Google has finally released their offline engine for the Safari browser.

Google Gears has been Google’s offline arm, it allows users to access Google Docs and other tools without a connection to the internet.  Initially it was only available for PC and after so long, it finally is now available for Mac OS X.

This will allow Mac users to access services like Zoho Office, Word Press, the YouTube uploader and Google Docs while not connected to the internet. This is ideal when travelling since Gears syncs whatever you did offline to the online server once the device is reconnected to the web.

Not only will you be able to do things like work on your Web-based office documents offline, but Google Gears will also improve browser performance because of the background loading of JavaScript. This was a missing component in bridging the gap between the Mac desktop and the Web. Mac users can expect to enjoy many more desktop-enabled Web applications to come as new services begin to support Google Gears for offline access.  [Mashable

"On the Mac, Gears desktop shortcuts are actually small applications that are designed to open the website in the same browser they were originally created from. This means that if you created them from a Fluid app they’ll open in that same place and if you’ve got multiple versions of Firefox installed on your machine the shortcut will open in the right one." [Google Gears Blog]