Google Audio Indexing Gets Labs Page

September 16th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google audio indexing gaudi

Google has officially launched another toy that makes searching even more diverse.  Gaudi is short for Google Audio Indexing.  Remember how google indexes words from websites’ source codes and make those searchable via Google?  Well this is the same thing except that GAudi does not look at words but listens to sound on videos.

For now, the GAudi technology has only been applied to political speeches in the US Presidential race.  It initially debuted as a featurette on iGoogle.  Today, a couple of weeks after, GAudi is an official Google Experiment in Google Labs where it gets a better UI.

Google of course plans to use this technology on all of the web’s videos. “[The aim of GAudi] on Google Labs is broader and the US election is just a first step. We see it as an experiment platform where we can learn what features make the best user experience for people looking for spoken content on the Web.” [Official Blog]

Of course we expect Google to apply GAudi on Yotube first then probably go into different languages or cover every other video source right away.  Any which way, GAudi will be changing how we all search on the web.