Google Android-Powered HTC Wants to Sell for $199 on T-Mobile

September 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

t-mobile g1 htc dream android mobile smartphone cellular phone launch

The first official Google Android powered mobile device, HTC Dream, will be debuted this September 23 at a press conference in New York. T-mobile, the carrier responsible for bringing the HTC Dream to the market sent out invitations to the event. The Android-powered HTC Dream will join T-mobile’s lineup of phones as the G1.

The G1 has already leaked online and some have even tested and played with it. On the other hand, Android, the mobile operating system of the HTC Dream / G1 has already been out for testing longer than the device and a software development kit (SDK) has been released as well. Moreover Google has also launched an Android App Market as well as a developers’ challenge to fuel the creation of applications for the platform. Obviously, the launch of the T-Mobile G1 is a bigger deal to Google than to T-Mo since this is the first time Google will have so much at stake in the mobile market. Also, Google is trying to outshine the likes of Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone3G who have already established themselves in the market.

Anyway, the release of the Android has not been smooth at all. It’s been riddled with rumors of non-existence and has also seen its fair share of delays. However, with the press conference happening in less than a week and the expected launch date of October 17th, it seems that there is no turning back for the Android-powered T-Mobile HTC Dream G1.

The press is expecting a demo of the OS during the press conference, a confirmation of its actual release and its final pricing. Rumor has it that the G1 will go for $200 with a T-mo plan.