Google Launches Street View for Mobile

September 17th, 2008 at 12:00 am

google maps street view mobile cel phones walking directions android

Back in July Google Maps went across borders to bring Street View to Europe which started them to roll out the feature in other countries as well.  Now, the guys from the Maps is bringing the whole Street View Experience to the mobile phone.

The Google Mobile blog defines this moment in their post. "Today we’re launching a new version of Google Maps for mobile with the same street-level imagery available on desktop. Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you’re thinking of? Just click "Street View" after your search to see the storefront. Unsure about a complicated intersection in your directions? Use Street View to see a photo, so there’s no mistaking your turn. You can also launch Street View from any address where we have photography, or simply by clicking on the map and selecting "Street View". You can browse Street View overlaid on the map or in full screen, rotate your view to see more of your surroundings, and move along the street."

Indeed mobile is the new frontier in a world where the web is getting more crowded everyday with all kinds of tools and apps popping out.  On the other hand the mobile sphere remains unexplored mostly because of technological difficulties of transferring large amounts of data wirelessly and efficiently and cheaply.  As the wireless rates slowly go down due to scaling, big web and computer and software companies are turning their attentions to mobile.  Microsoft and Apple are pounding away on their mobile search and platforms as well as apps.  Google of course would not be left behind, their Android will be making its debut next week and will hit shelves next month.  

So with the mobile market emerging, web technologies are being applied to the mobile phone.  Street View is one example and a very relevant one at that.  Street View as its name suggests is an application that lets users see the streets from a person’s point of view unlike the view Google Maps provides (orbital satellite).  While the online version is a great tool, maps are meant to be carried around and Google Maps for mobile is right on the money at that.  Add the convenience of Street View on mobile then there’s no better thing Microsoft, Apple or Symbian can put up against Google’s Android.