4chan.org Takes the Heat in Palin E-mail Hack

September 18th, 2008 at 12:00 am

4chan /b/ despicable slimy scummy message board

For those who do not know, 4chan /b/ is a message board with no rules, anything and everything makes it there, porn, gore, violence, illegal activities, terrorism, hack and anything else shady.  Let’s just say that if there’s a place on the web where  you could find anything despicable, slimy and scummy, 4chan /b/ would be it.

4chan /b/  is run by Anonymous, nobody but they know if they’re a group, an individual or whatever.  They keep the site running and also organize fun stuff like bash Scientology. And no one can trace them, in fact Scientology lawyers want their head so much but simply can’t do anything about it.

Now, if hacking into the potential next vice-president’s email account is illegal, which it is, you’d expect it to be on 4chan /b/.  The hacked Yahoomail account of Sarah Palin was first posted on Wikileaks but was soon unavailable either because it was taken down or overwhelmed with traffic.  Then resurfaced on 4chan /b/.  Of course many people already got a hold of it from its initial posting but only 4chan was brave enough to republish it.

This time however, the FBI is cracking down on whoever posted and/or hacked Governor Palin’s email and they have their eyes on 4chan /b/ to disclose the IP address of the poster.

"Hello Members of 4Chan.org. The FBI in conjunction with Secret Service and DOJ is requesting records of IP and posting information from the administrators of this site. We are offering a limited time offer of limited immunity to those who confess to the recent hacking of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account. Those who step forward with evidence will be treated leniently, while the full force of law will be applied to those captured at a later date.

You may turn yourself in via report to The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) [ http://www.ic3.gov/] or you may call your local FBI office or call (202) 278-2000 and ask to be directed to Special Agent Henry Stewart at Bureau HQ in Washington, DC."

Now this may be another prank but the contact numbers match.  Regardless, a hacking of this gravity was sure to attract the Feds attention enough to investigate and persecute the suspects.  It may or may not have been Anonymous who actually did the hacking but will they give up the IP address? It’s a question about keeping 4chan /b/ the way it is, a free for all wild wild west, or losing their credibility.