I’m a PC, Microsoft Ad Campaign Makes Sense

September 19th, 2008 at 12:00 am

i'm a pc microsoft ad campaign live without walls windows vista muymra

Ah, finally, Microsoft’s $300 million ad campaign starts to make sense.

Just to prove that Microsoft’s strategy was a success, I along with many other bloggers have covered the first two ads of Microsoft featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.  That coverage fueled quite a buzz about the ad campaign and now we’re all watching.  A genius move by Microsoft’s ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

So now the main phase of the ad campaign begins with a something simpler to comprehend than Gates and Seinfeld fitting shoes and living in suburbia.  In retaliation reaction to the Apple "I’m a Mac" ad campaign that totally fried Windows powered PC’s and Windows Vista, Microsoft fought back with a "I’m a PC" campaign.

The first "I’m a PC" ad comes in three edits and all center around different types of real people using PC’s.  Real people include Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra and Eva Longoria among other people around the world from every walk of life.  However the ad has yet to make the tangible connection to the "Live without Walls" central campaign slogan.

The three videos here, here and here are just the first ad in the series.  It’s not certain yet if Seinfeld will return or if there will be some kind of explanation for the shoes and suburbia in the first two ads.  So far, the "I’m a PC" ad is getting a lot of great feedback making Mac users look elitist.  It’s also definitely a great comeback for Microsoft’s image as a great software and ad maker.