Leaked: Nokia E72 and E75

September 19th, 2008 at 12:00 am

nokia logo connecting people

Isn’t it just nice when you get a glimpse of the future? Well it’s happening again and this time we’re seeing into Nokia’s future E-series smartphones.

For those who aren’t aware, the in-production E-series phones from Nokia are presently the E71 and E66. The E71 is the successor of the E61i and the E66 is a new model incorporating the slide form in a smartphone.

Today, a leak came out from Nokia’s secret lab and pictures of the new E-series phones are all over the web. We got these form Symbian-Freak, a community site for Symbian freaks, spy shots of the new E72 and E75. A promotional video demonstration of these phones were also leaked and they look great.

NOKIA e-series E72 leaked photo and video

Let’s start with the E72. It’s a candy bar phone that most likely shares most of the features of the current E71. Like the E71, the E72 also has a QWERTY keyboard. Of course since this is a leak, it’s still confidential and Nokia has not released its specs yet. It’s probably smaller and has a better camera and bigger storage.

nokia e-series e75 leaked upcoming smartphone photo video

The second model is the E75. This will probably be the flagship of this series. Featuring a slide form figure, the E75 emulates the E90 Communicator only with a sliding upper face instead of a flip. It has the numeric keypad and a QWERTY keyboard. According to the video, it will boost email productivity.

Both phones will run Nokia’s S60 mobile OS.

Again these are still confidential and the source of the leak is unknown for security purposes. Nokia has not given any comment on the leak nor the phones and their release dates.