Microsoft Takes its Newest High-Performance Computing Platform to the Street

September 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

windows hig performance computing hpc server 2008 supercomputing platform for supercomputers

Microsoft’s got a new toy for the big boys.  Today, they announced that they have put into production the Windows HPC Server 2008.  This new operating system is initially offered to Wall Street firms who require the extra computing muscle and who have the larger wallets to buy the hardware to run it.

During a keynote address at the 2008 High Performance on Wall Street conference, Bill Laing, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Windows Server and Solutions Division, discussed how financial services firms are increasingly turning to HPC resources to conduct real-time and intra-day risk analysis in response to the turbulent market environment.

“Companies have to be more efficient than ever with IT resources, but need to maintain their position in a competitive marketplace. They require HPC solutions that deploy quickly, integrate in a heterogeneous environment and scale from workstation to cluster,” Laing said. “The launch of Windows HPC Server 2008 is just another step in our vision to drive HPC mainstream.”  [Press Release]

Just last week, Microsoft announced along with Cray that they have built the world’s cheapest super computer, the Cray CX1.  In that announcement, Microsoft also mentioned that the machine could run Linux and the Windows HPC Server.  At $25000 a piece, the CX1 is a bargain for Wall Street firms who are looking to buy their first supercomputer.

The Windows HPC Server 2008 platform ‘s introduction and initial offering to Wall Street firms is the first mainstream step it has taken. Over the years, supercomputers and supercomputing have been limited to only the largest companies who had the needs and the money for it.  However that’s all changing.

“IDC research shows that high-performance computing has been one of the highest-growth IT markets over the past five years,” said Earl Joseph, HPC program vice president at IDC. “Microsoft has made significant advancements in its products targeted for the HPC market, especially with the launch of Windows HPC Server 2008.”

Windows HPC Server 2008 evaluation copies are now available for download at Pricing for Windows HPC Server 2008 will be $475 (U.S. ERP) per node.