Google Launches Google Modrator

September 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Google today introduced another product that will help asking questions during conferences and large meetings be more efficient.  The system they call Google Moderator is a Digg style voting system for questions.  This means that the community posts questions then they vote which ones are relevants so when the open forum comes, only relevant questions are asked.

This way, the most popular and relevant questions would rise to the top so that the presenter or the moderator of an event could run the discussion more efficiently and in a transparent manner. The tool, which we internally called "Dory" after our favorite question-asking fish in Finding Nemo, quickly grew to other parts of Google including our weekly all-hands company meeting, as well as for our series of talks led by political candidates or distinguished authors. [Google App Engine Blog

The tool was created by a google engineer, Taliver Heath in his spare time to help them internally with meetings.  The system grew popular initially within Google itself but now they’ve opened it up to the public  for anyone to use at any meeting, conference or forum.  Google Moderator is available now and is free to use. To get started go to and sign in to your Google Account.