British Secret Intelligence Service Using Facebook to Recruit Spies

September 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

british secret service military intelligence mi6 james bond spy

Military intelligence for any country is always a clandestine operation. The CIA, Mossad, KGB and others all usually recruit their spies from other branches of theri military (or so we know).  However, in a more practical twist, the British Military Intelligence, MI6 is keeping an eye on Facebook for possible candidates to be the next 007 James Bond or Johnny English.

The Secret Intelligence Service, which has traditionally scoured the country’s elite universities for recruits, launched a series of online adverts this month as part of its attempts to attract people from a variety of backgrounds. [the Guardian]

According to an MI6 spokesperson, "A number of public channels are used to promote job opportunities in the organisation and Facebook is a recent example of this."  She also continues to say that there are ads on the Telly and radio for careers in the Intelligence business.  However the largest response they’ve received was from the Facebook ads they placed.

Of course there was  no other information released on the recruitment aside from the announcements they’ve been making.

The ads are interesting though, and I’ll be singing up as soon as they pop onto my screen.

Here are the tag lines aimed at different people.  The first is for University graduate, second is for bored people, and third is for those who just want something bigger.

"Graduates of all ages can develop long-term careers as operational officers, collecting and analysing global intelligence."

"Time for a career change? MI6 can use your skills. Join us as an operational officer collecting and analysing global intelligence to protect the UK."

"A career in world events? Help influence world events, protect the UK. Operational officer roles collecting and analysing global intelligence."

I hope it’s open to all nationalities or even just those countries under the Queen of England.