Motorola Beefing Up its Android Team

September 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Motorola has been out of the news since it split itself into mobile and chips.  The mobile division has not seen any market success since  the RAZR series.  Basically, Motorola has been walking in limbo with its mobile development and creating a new product using their own efforts is becoming harder with the competition its receiving from old rivals and new ones like Apple and Google.

However, there seems to be some sense of realization happening in the Motorola camp.  Rumors are leaking that Motorola is increasing its Android development team to 350 engineers.

Motorola is part of the Open Handset Alliance that’s been helping develop Google’s mobile platform Android.  Android as we know will be the next big push in mobile since the iPhone.  And while Motorola has been using their own platform (which really sucks) when they aren’t using Windows Mobile, the beefing up of their Android team seems that they’ll be dropping their own platform in favor of Google’s.

The increase of the Motorola Android team is also a dramatic one according to an Android developer approached by a headhunter.  From the mere 50 developers Motorola has in its Android team, they are recruiting 300 more to develop the platform.  We assume that they will be rolling out a new phone powered by Android next year.

There are no official comments on this report neither from Motorola nor Google.  However this move by Motorola is not a surprise and totally in line with Google’s vision for the Android mobile platform.   "Our vision is that the powerful platform we’re unveiling will power thousands of different phone models."

If there’s anything this news brings, it’s excitement.  If Motorola is developing a new phone that we assume is going to top the RAZR, it’s about time and we sure would want to get our hands on it.