Facebook Apps Now Compatible with Friendster

October 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

friendster apps facebook social network applications developers sdk portability open social

Facebook Apps developed on the fbOpen Software Development Kit are now portable to use on the Friendster platform.

Facebook may be the leading social network in the US but in different countries different social networks are used by the majority.  For example in Brazil, they prefer to use Orkut, Google’s Social Network.  In Asia, the social network of choice is Friendster.

Friendster reaches about 60 million users across Asia making them the biggest social network in the region that has the fastest expanding growth of internet users between the age of 10 and 20.  This makes them the ideal platform to distribute small social apps where developers could make some money.   This is why Friendster, like Facebook, released an SDK for third party developers.

Although Friendster already has its own SDK and Asia, Facebook still has more apps. This means that for both of them to succeed in the social app market, they have be able to port apps between each other.

Facebook apps are now portable to the Friendster platform allowing Facebook developers to access the 60 million user’s in Asia.  The portability was initiated by Friendster whose developer community is much less competitive than Facebook’s.

So basically, Facebook per se has nothing to do with the portability. Friendster has targeted Facebook’s developers to develop apps for Friendster by simply making hteir platform compatible with Facebook’s.  Moreover, unlike Facebook, Friendster is part of Google’s Open Social.  Facebook on the other hand has no plans of joining the Open Social community any time soon.

Unless Facebook is as hard-ass as Apple, this portability issue will not be a problem for them and in fact should boost their ego since it seems like everybody in the Open Social community are trying to get Facebook Apps to work for them.