Apple Sues Canadian School to Use the Same Logo

October 7th, 2008 at 12:00 am

apple victoria school of business and technology logo lawsuit canada imac iphone

Apple has always had issues with its image, copyrights and privacy.  Well you really couldn’t blame them since Microsoft ‘stole’ their user interface for Windows and buried them in the ground back in the 80’s.  However, the Cupertino-based computer company probably in over its head when they go after smaller companies who they think are trying to steal their designs, including their logo.

A little while back in the past, Apple issued a cease and desist order to accompany that manufactured a phone that had a striking resemblance to the iPhone.  The company complied, the phone was really a rip off anyway.  Apple is no stranger to lawsuits relating to its logo. Earlier this year it challenged the City of New York in court over use of an apple logo used in the Big Apple’s GreeNYC campaign.

Today however, Apple is issuing another company a cease and desist order to redesign their logo.  The company in question is a Canadian school, the Victoria School of Business and Technology (VSBT), whose logo somehow resembles Apple’s fruit logo.

VSBT administrators received a letter from Apple’s lawyers in Toronto telling them to  redesign their logo or else Apple will be forced to take legal action.  According to the lawyers, VSBT "reproduces, without authority, our client’s Apple Design Logo which it widely uses."   Of course the letter also said that Apple has the exclusive right to use its trademarks and any confusingly similar trademarks and trade names" to market its products and services.

VSBT vice-president Christopher Boag reacted with disbelief, "It was a total shock," he said. "It was like the small guy was kind of getting blown away and Apple was pushing hard in order to get us to (submit to their demands)."

Ironically, VSBT is a loyal Apple customer; they have 20 large-screen iMac computers and has another 20 on order.  Additionally, VSBT staff has a couple of iPhones in use, including Boag.

Boag and his school aren’t easily going to give in to Apple’s demands. They’ve already brought the case to the media and are getting legal advice on what to do.

How can Apple have so many claims to the fruit that isn’t theirs in the first place?  I honestly hope that Apple loses this one.